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Zoo portraits is a creative and educational project based on the animal kingdom and is divided into three main areas: Art, education and awareness

Huffington Post

A wolf in sheep’s clothing? That’s so out of style. How about a wolf in a tuxedo? That’s the basic premise behind Zoo Portraits, a unique project by the Spanish artist Yago Partal, who cleverly depicts animals in outfits their human counterparts would likely wear.

Daily Mail

I’m wild about fashion: Artist combines his passion for couture with animal kingdom in bizarre project that has now gone viral. The dapper beasts are the creation of Spanish artist and photographer Yago Partal, whose work has achieved a cult following online.

Time Out

We’re big fans of Yago Partal’s work. We’re suckers for an anthropomorphic animal depiction and they don’t get much more personable than the Spanish artist’s Zoo Portraits project. Yago Partal was responsible for a particularly foxy Time Out cover design.


It’s that time of the year again - picture day at the zoo. Animals don their trendiest threads and prepare for their time in front of the camera. It’s an important day since this is the photo that goes in the yearbook that all their animal buddies will sign before summer.

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