Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where can I buy Zoo Portraits products?

Zoo Portraits products are managed by several companies that are licensees and have the rights to produce and sell them. You can access their shops online directly from the “shop” section on our site. Many of these products are distributed by wholesalers to businesses all over the world.

  • Why aren’t there products of all the animals?

Due to the large number of Zoo Portraits and production difficulties involving some of the products, collections have been limited by season and amount of animals.

  • Why are some of the products not sold all over the world?

Due to the high costs of exportation, some licensees limit the distribution of their products to the areas in witch the companies that manage them are located.

  • Can I use a Zoo Portrait as an avatar on social media platforms?

Yes, as long as it is not intended for commercial use and you are using it for a personal profile without profit.

  • Can I use Zoo Portrait for my business site?

You can manage a license to use it via our contact form.

  • ¿Why are there so few females among the Zoo Portraits?

Female characteristics are different in the animal kingdom and our cultures. Hair, eyelashes, rings, make up, etc, are elements that look almost comic and are not applicable to Zoo Portraits. This, together with the portrait format and the scarce visibility of the clothing, often makes it difficult to portray the differences between a male and a female without falling into gender stereotypes.

  • Is there a way to order a custom-made Zoo Portrait?

Yes, there is. In order to do so, get in touch with us via the contact form on the site. We will evaluate the viability of the proposal and send you an estimate.