Zoo Portraits Project

Zoo portraits is a creative and educational project based on the animal kingdom and is divided into three main areas:

  1. Image: Zoo Portraits’ images originate from the animal kingdom and fashion. Through irony and humanization, they show us a unique universe where animals almost become human. Combining photography, illustration and collage, the portraits are the basis for everything: central to the development of new products, art and proposals.
  1. Education: Zoo Portraits also works as a little compilation of data on fauna, where every species has – or will have – its space with information and links on the website. A place for people out there interested in the animal kingdom and its protection.
  1. Awareness: Zoo Portraits works from awareness. One of the brand’s priorities is to develop content and products within the ecological parameters and in support of animals, as well as to work in cooperation with those who protect nature, and to get involved in projects that benefit from the resources that Zoo Portraits can provide. This development grows in three directions: one is the economic field, in collaboration with foundations, shelters and societies for the protection of animals; the second is the provision of images and products for dissemination and the third is the creation of a content distribution platform about the protection of species.

The idea came about 2013 as a creative project developed by Yago Partal, photographer and producer living in Barcelona city. Influenced by the animal kingdom, cartoons and fashion since he was a child, he found his voice in a game we all like to play: the humanization or anthropomorphism of animals. The project initially started out as a marketing campaign to publicize photo books for models, actors and actresses, but it quickly went viral online and reached the world’s press, which led to several license offers and its later consolidation as a brand with the brand manager, Isabelle Bazsó.