Atom the chihuahua

common nameconservation status
 Chihuahua (domestic dog)Not Evaluated (NE)
scientific namesize
 Canis lupus familiaris ♂ 15,2-22,9 cm, (6-9 in)
♀ 15.2-20,3 cm, (6-8 in)
Canidae♂♀ 1,5-3 Kg, (3-6,6 lb)
 Carnivora 10-18 years
class gestation period
Mammalia58-65 days
 population diet
This species is common It is considered an omnivorous animal as a pet, but originally and at an evolutionary level it should be carnivore.
 It is a domestic animal As pets, they can be found anywhere humans live.

Did you know...


This dog breed takes its name from the place where it was discovered: Chihuahua (Mexico) and it is officially called “chihuahueño”. It is also considered the oldest dog breed in the Americas.



Despite its tiny size, this dog has a reactive character with a very strong temperament. They are very brave when they feel threatened and they hardly ever get along with other dog breeds.



The chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world, the smallest individual on record being only 10 cm (3.9 in) tall.



According to genetic research, this breed is supposed to be a descendant from the Techichi breed (an old Mexican dog breed) and other European dog breeds.



It became very popular in the United States because of a marketing campaign of the fast food chain of restaurants Taco bell, that showed some of these dogs in their commercials.



There two different types of chihuahua: long coat and smooth (short) coat. Both are found in a variety of colors. They have a big head in relation to their body, big eyes, large erect ears and a short snout.


About dogs in general:
They evolved from ancient wolves (canis lupus lupus), as their scientific name indicates.



About dogs in general:
¿Did you know that dogs sweat from their paw pads?



About dogs in general:
It is believed that dogs were domesticated at least around 15,000 years ago, even before the rise of agriculture or the appearance of writing.



About dogs in general:
¿Did you know that, contrary to appearances, hyenas are more related to cats than dogs?



About dogs in general:
A dog’s sense of smell is 100,000 times more sensitive than a human’s. Their nose is always wet, which helps them capture scent particles in the air. They also have an acute sense of hearing, much better than human’s, which allows them to hear a range of frequencies that our ears can not detect.



About dogs in general:
It is the animal with the widest range of breeds on the planet.



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