Nayna the cheetah

common nameconservation status
 Cheetah Vulnerable (VU)
scientific namesize
Acinonyx jubatus 0,8-0,9 m (2½-3 ft)
Felidae50-64 kg (110-140 lb)
Carnivora10-12 years
class gestation period
Mammalia90-98 days
 population diet
Around 6,700 individualsThey are carnivores that eat prey. Especially the gazelle.
They mainly inhabit open and partially open savannah.They live in the east, centre and southwest of Africa and in a small portion of Iran.

Did you know...


Despite being felines, Cheetahs are unable to roar. They emit a bird-like croaking sound they use to identify themselves or call their cubs or other cheetahs.



It is the fastest terrestrial animal, reaching top speeds of 95-115 km/h in runs of 400-500 m.



Female cheetahs can have up to 5 cubs. Many of them are killed by predators and don’t survive past the first year.



Females are solitary and rear their cubs without the help of a male. Males, however, can live in small groups (coalitions) whose members are often brothers.



Cheetahs use distinct facial expressions to show their mood.



The black area around the eyes and the tear-like marks that run down to the mouth reduce the glare from the sun. This helps their vision when hunting under the sunlight hours.


Cheetah cubs have longer coarse hair. This helps them “camouflage” in the grass and hides them from lions, hyenas and other predators.



This is the world’s most endangered feline species, as only less than 10,000 individuals remain in the wild.



Unlike most other felines, the cheetah’s claws are not fully retractable and they look more like dog’s claws, giving them a good grip on the ground. Its paw’s pads are hard like the rubber on a tyre, which also maximizes traction when running.



It is one of the eldest felines, as it became a separate species more than 4 million years ago. It is actually the only extant member of its genus (Acinonyx).



Cheetahs have a long muscular tail with a flat shape. They use it like a rudder when they are running fast and helps them keep their balance and change direction.



They hunt during the day because that is when stronger predators, like hyenas, lions, baboons and leopards, are sleeping. Otherwise these animals would easily steal their prey.



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