Isabella the barn owl

common nameconservation status
Barn owl Least Concern (LC)
scientific namesize
Tyto alba33 to 39 cm (13 to 15 in)
Tytonidae224 to 710 g (7.9 to 25.0 oz)
Strigiformes15-23 years
class gestation period
Aves29-34 days
 population diet
This species is commonMainly small rodents, but also little birds, insects, amphibians and reptiles.
They usually live close to people, in open areas with scattered trees to be able to hunt.The entire planet, except desert and polar regions, Asia (north of the Himalayas) and most part of Indonesia.

Did you know...


They are nocturnal birds that have the ability to fly silently, which makes it easy for them to hear any noise that helps them locate their prey.



Owls have the acutest sense of hearing of all studied species in the animal kingdom. This trait allows them to locate little rodents from a long distance.



Its heart-shaped face collects sounds like a parabolic antenna, like our ears do.



They are not territorial animals. They are solitary and live in vast, overlapping areas.



A owl eats around 5,000 prey items a year, which involves hunting close to 13 or 14 every day.



A high percentage of owls carry rat poison in their bodies due to the ingestion of poisoned rodents. Some of them die from high dosis, others carry a non-lethal residue, and its effects are unknown.


Baby owls occasionally feed each other. This is unusual among birds, as chicks tend to fight for food.



These birds have an average of 2-3 chicks per nest once a year. However, a third of couples don’t breed.



They swallow their prey whole, skin and bones included.



There are 46 owl subspecies in the world and it is one of the most widespread bird species in the planet.



Female owls have redder and more heavily spotted chests. The more (and larger) spots they have, the greater it is their resistance to parasites and the more attention they get from males.



In addition to a great sense of hearing, these animals have remarkable night vision, which helps them locate prey easily.



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