Our project is based on three key areas: The dissemination of information about nature and the animal kingdom, the underlying values of protection and conservation, and art. This is what drives Zoo Portraits. Our portraits of dressed animals are (ironic) caricatures for us to identify with. They help us learn how to protect the species that they represent. And through the sale of art prints and other products in our online store, we can continue to grow and support wildlife conservation projects.


  • FRANCE – Mar/Nov 2018 “Zoo Portraits” – Musée Balzac – Saché.
  • TAIWAN – Jan/Aug 2016  “Lets Dance!” Animals – Chimei Museum – Tainan.
  • FRANCE – Jan 2016 – “Masques” – TwentyTwo Gallery – Lyon.
  • UNITED KINGDOM – Dec 2014 – Columbia Road Arts Gallery – London.
  • MONACO – Apr 2014 – “As Human As…” – Carre Dor Gallery – Monte Carlo.
  • CANADA – Mar 2014 – Hotel Meridien Montreal – Montreal, Canada.
  • CAMBODIA – Nov 2013 – 9th Angkor Photo Festival – Siem Reap, Cambodia.
  • JAPAN – Oct 2013 – UltraSuperNew Gallery + Subject Matter – Tokyo, Japan.


The ZooPortraits limited edition art prints are available for sale or on loan (to galleries and museum) through Subject Matter gallery.

Contact details
Collectors, interior designer, museums, galleries and art consultants please contact: kitty@subjectmatterart.com
General enquiries please contact: hello@subjectmatterart.com

The entire ZooPortrait Series is available in the following sizes:

80cm x 80cm
Edition of 50, signed and numbered
Mounted with plexiglass and aluminium

120cm x 120cm
Edition of 50, signed and numbered
Mounted with plexiglass and aluminium