We’re delighted to finally cut the virtual ribbon and welcome you into the newly completed home of Zoo Portraits.

Since its creation back in 2013, Yago’s unique collection of fashion-forward fauna has attracted an enormous amount of attention from around the world. In four years, what started out as a simple idea one afternoon has become an artistic project with a style that is instantly recognisable for its freshness, clarity and humour. It is also a project that refuses to stand still.

These kinds of interactions got us thinking – what’s next for the Zoo Portraits project? Well, given our passion and concern for wildlife, the logical next step was to try to bridge the gap between illustration and reality. We wanted to feed people’s fascination with the natural world and, at the same time, promote awareness of important issues related to wildlife conservation.

Zoo Portraits Composition
Zoo Portraits Composition

So, with this aim, Yago has assembled a team of like-minded professionals to create fun, engaging and informative content. Here, on the new site, there’ll be new illustrations released every week, accompanied by a species profile with details about the animal’s diet, habitat and conservation status, as well as a list of fun facts and links to relevant charities. And it doesn’t stop there! There’ll also be weekly blog articles and educational videos about animal protection, healthy eating and sustainable living.

Here’s one we launched last week!

To keep up with all the Zoo Portraits news, be sure to join us on facebook, twitter and instagram and pinterest.

We’ve greatly enjoyed receiving your comments, messages and images. We love a good photo, whether it’s of your Zoo Portraits panda print taking pride of place on the kitchen wall or a shot of you doing your best impression of a lemur! And it’s been particularly interesting to see what Yago’s work has inspired some of you to do, such as these teachers in France, Spain and Australia who have shown us how they’ve been using Zoo Portraits in their lessons.

Zoo Portraits Panda sweatshirt detail
Zoo Portraits Panda sweatshirt detail


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James is a freelance language professional based in Barcelona. Besides writing articles for Zoo Portraits, he writes about education and teaches English as a foreign language in businesses, universities and other institutions around the city.


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