Ferrets playing on grass. By Pavel Hajer | Shutterstock.com
Ferrets playing on grass. By Pavel Hajer | Shutterstock.com

About ferrets.

The ferret is a domesticated subspecies of the polecat, from the family of mustelids. It is thought that the Romans domesticated it to hunt and control the population of little animals. Some researchers say that they could have emulated the Egyptians with their cats.

This animal’s body odor is very strong, especially when it feels threatened or under stress.

Ferrets love collecting and hiding things. Their name comes from the latin word “furonem”, which means “thief”.

These animals spend most of the day sleeping: up to 18 hours. When they sleep they keep the tip of their tongue sticking out, which makes them look even more adorable.

Ferrets come in many different colors which can change completely over the course of their lives.

Their sight is not very good, but they have a very acute sense of smell and hearing. They can accurately locate food by smelling.

Females can give birth 2 or 3 times a year, having 7-10 babies per litter. During the first month of their lives, these animals are fully dependent on their parents.

These animals love hiding and running around. They are very curious and they can easily disappear down any hole they find.

They are extremely silent and hardly ever make sounds.

Males are considerably heavier than females, reaching double their weight at times.

After defecating and/or urinating, ferrets rub their butt on the ground to mark the territory.

The ferret was introduced to new Zealand to control the population of European rabbits (previously introduced by humans too). Besides controlling their number, they also started hunting many native birds, so now they are forbidden in the country.

Ferret. By jurra8 | Shutterstock.com
Ferret. By jurra8 | Shutterstock.com
FerretNot evaluated
Mustela putorius furo51 cm (20 in)
Mustelidae0,7 – 2 kg (1.5 – 4 lb)
Carnivora7-10 years
Mammalia42 days
This species is common.They are carnivorous animals that hunt little animals in the wild and they eat specific processed food as pets.
In the wild, it inhabits forests.They are originally from the European forests, but as a pet it can be found in many countries of the world, especially in the U.S.A.

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