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Our latest news on the world of animals. News and discoveries about fauna, current information about the animal kingdom, its protection and many other contents about the species that make it up.

View of two beaches on Bartolome Island in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. By Jess Kraft | Shutterstock.com

Re-imagining the wild: the art of nature writing, past and present

What is nature writing? Nature writing in not a single genre. It’s a term that encompasses a great range of literary forms. Whether it’s a poem, an essay, a fictional story or a travel journal, nature writing is bound its theme, not by its style. For each of the great writers...
The Amazon molly does not produce any male offspring. The females reproduce asexually through gynogenesis. Nevertheless they need sperm to trigger the cloning process. By Manfred Schartl

The Amazon molly: the small fish making a big splash in science

What is the Amazon molly and how did it get its name? The Amazon molly (Poecilia formosa) is a small, inconspicuous freshwater fish. It belongs to a genus of around 40 fish species, which includes the well-known guppy. Amazon mollies are omnivores and spend their days feeding on small invertebrates,...

Vital viewing: 6 must-watch wildlife and nature documentaries

Tired of the prequels, sequels, reboots and remakes currently dominating the big screen? If you’ve just about had enough of lycra suits and fictional universes, it might be time for a documentary binge! Below you have a hand-picked selection of wildlife and nature films with all the thrills, pains and...
Pigs and piglets grazing in a field pasturage under blue sky. Natural organic agriculture. Farming. Por Slavko Sereda | Shutterstock.com

The five freedoms: animal welfare around the world

Animal sentience In 1859 Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species was published in a storm of controversy. For the first time, he had demonstrated that humans were evolutionary descendants of non-human animals. We would never look at animals in quite the same way. With the knowledge that animals are not...
Beijing, China - September 24, 2014: A vendor sells food at the Donghuamen night market in Beijing, China. Pic by Alexandru Nika | Shutterstock.com

Six-legged superfoods: could insects be the answer to food security?

“2,086 species of insect are eaten by 3,071 different ethnic groups in about 130 countries.” Bugged, by David MacNeal Insects form a big part of everyday diets for around two billion people around the world. Yet, for many of the remaining 5.58 billion, just the thought of eating an insect is enough...

Animals on Screen: Wildlife documentary filmmakers reveal the tricks of their trade

On a stoney beach on one of the Galapagos Islands, an iguana looks around tentatively. It has only recently hatched, but it faces immediate danger. Snakes lie in wait. As the camera cuts back and forth between the iguana and one of the snakes, tension builds. Backing music adds...
A baby orangutan in the wild. Indonesia. The island of Kalimantan (Borneo). An excellent illustration. Pic by Gudkov Aandrey | Shutterstock.com

Wild words: etymologies from the natural world

Our pick of the most intriguing names we give to plants and wildlife Animals and their names Animal names are funny things. They are among the first words a child learns: dog, cat, frog, squirrel. For my nephew, growing up in leafy part of North London, these words have been learned...
Closeup of bees on honeycomb in apiary. By Diyana Dimitrova | Shutterstock.com

Amazing bees: life inside the hive

The amazing behaviour of bees, their importance for the survival of mankind and the bee crisis. When discussing wildlife, the generic term can mask a wealth of biodiversity. Just as the name we give to a species can trivialise its true value within an ecosystem. When we say ‘bee’, it’s usually...
Zoo Portraits Panda sweatshirt detail

Introducing the all-new Zoo Portraits site!

We’re delighted to finally cut the virtual ribbon and welcome you into the newly completed home of Zoo Portraits. Since its creation back in 2013, Yago’s unique collection of fashion-forward fauna has attracted an enormous amount of attention from around the world. In four years, what started out as a simple...