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Saiga antelope (Saiga tatarica) in the morning steppe. Mekletinskii Federal Nature Reserve, Kalmykia, Russia, August 2015. By Victor Tyakht Shutterstock.com

The saiga antelope. A species with a challenging existence.

The saiga (Saiga tatarica) is a medium sized (60 to 80 cm tall) antelope that inhabits the steppes of Central Asia and is classified by IUCN as "critically endangered". They live mainly in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, although they can be found in various areas of Russia (Kazan), China and...
Ants and aphids in symbiosis. Photo by inkwelldodo | Shutterstock.com

Symbiosis in the animal kingdom. Mutualism, commensalism and parasitism

Sometimes, completely different species or organisms forge close or interdependent relationships, to the advantage of at least one of the parties involved. This interaction is called 'symbiosis'. It's not easy to come up with a narrow definition of symbiosis. In fact, symbiotic relationships can be divided into several groups: Clownfish swimming...
Great grey Shrike Cover

4 animals and their fascinating feeding habits

Eating like animals  A part of growing up is learning how to eat, but mealtime etiquette can be a tricky business. From culture to culture, there are a range of elaborate rules that apply. For example, in China, leaving some food on the plate is a sign of politeness. While,...
Close up portrait of a grey wolf (Canis Lupus) also known as Timber wolf in the Canadian forest during the summer months. By FOTOimage Montreal | Shutterstock.com

The Grey Wolf. Our changing relationship with one of Europe’s apex predators

The legend You close your eyes and picture a wolf. Your mind will probably conjure up a snarling canine with pointed ears, wide eyes and sharp, white teeth. This is the image that forms in early childhood, reinforced by stories and folklore. We all know Aesop’s cautionary fable, The Boy...