Insects, arachnids, predators. Pics by iSKYDANCER and Eric Isselee |

Insatiable invertebrates: 4 predatory insects and arachnids

Of the 1.5 million species that scientists have catalogued, around two thirds are insects. Insects come in all shapes and sizes and display diverse behaviours. But they all share a set of defining features. What do ants, flies and beetles have in common? They all have antennae, 6 legs and bodies that consist of 3…

3d render revealing the variations in size among dinosaur species. Dinosaurs are ( small to large) the Compsognathus, Ornitholestes, Dilophosaurus,Torosaurus, Giganotosaurus and the Camarasaurus. By Linda Bucklin |

How many false myths about dinosaurs do you know?

If we were to list the number of false claims out there about dinosaurs, it’d be never-ending. From the belief that they only inhabited warm habitats (they also lived in frozen areas), that they were all enormous (there were also very small dinosaurs), to the misconception that their size was influenced by a…

Animal twins. Compo with pics of Lopolo and Eric Isselee |

Do other animals give birth to twins? Examples from the animal kingdom

Assuming you’re human, the likelihood of having twins is quite little. But, depending where you’re from, there’s a surprising amount of variation. In Central Africa, the twinning rate is almost 30 in every 1,000 births; in much of Asia and Latin America, the average is as low as eight per 1,000 births. There are, of…

8 questions to test your knowledge about dogs

8 questions to test your knowledge about dogs

In many parts of the world people grow up with the idea of having pets. A large number of them choose dogs as companions, typically opting to buy a puppy or pedigree breed. As a result of these decisions, combined with other problems, dogs have the status as "man's best friend" and, at the same time, are a species…

Amazon Molly (Poecilia formosa)

The Amazon molly: the small fish making a big splash in science

The Amazon molly (Poecilia formosa) is a small, inconspicuous freshwater fish. It belongs to a genus of around 40 fish species, which includes the well-known guppy. Amazon mollies are omnivores and spend their days feeding on small invertebrates, algae and plant matter in rivers and streams along the Gulf Coast of…

vampire myths nosferatu

Do vampires exist? From vampire myths to the truth about bloodsucking bats

According to popular folklore, a vampire is a creature that feeds on the life of another living being. In some Eastern and Native American cultures it represents a sort of demon. In Europe, the myth is of Slavic origin. Here the vampire is depicted as a human who comes back from the dead, drinking the blood of others…

Animal Poo. Adelie Penguin on an iceberg in the Antarctic Sound, Antarctica. By Robert mcgillivray |

The extraordinary world of animal poo: 5 stories of adaptation and survival

Yes, today we’re taking a closer look at animal poo, along with some extraordinary adaptations. If you’re just about to sit down for lunch, you might want to bookmark this one for later. But if you think you can stomach it, read on for some nuggets of information from around the animal world! Why do sloths defecate on…

Animal eyes - Cover

How do animals see? The most impressive eyes in the animal world

How exactly do animals see? Did you know that cuttlefish can see polarised light?...or that dragonflies have 360 degree vision?...or that some fish have mirrors in their eyes?! In order to understand how different species see the world, it is important to understand how the eye works. Images, in the form of light, are…

Chimpanzees - One of the Great Apes: chimpanzee life in numbers

One of the Great Apes: chimpanzee life in numbers

Not only do the great apes look like us, they act like us, too. Chimpanzees, for example, form extended family groups, they use tools and learn socially from one another. They display distinct personality traits and are capable of complex cognition, relating to recognition, reciprocity and empathy.

Vital viewing: 6 must-watch wildlife and nature documentaries

Vital viewing: 6 must-watch wildlife and nature documentaries

Below you have a hand-picked selection of wildlife and nature films with all the thrills, pains and delights of any blockbuster. There’s plenty magnificence and tragedy to marvel at on our planet, without the need to invent fantasy worlds. In compiling this list, two categories of documentary emerged. The first…

Spirit Bear Kermode

Have you ever heard of the Kermode bear, also known as the Spirit bear?

Deep within the Great Bear Rainforest, in Canada, all is not as it seems. The unique ecosystem produces strange natural scenes. On this coastal land, dampened by dense mist, we can still find indigenous tribes who began living there long before the white man arrived.

Christmas caribou (reindeer) and camel

Festive animal facts: Camel vs. Reindeer

The Christmas holidays are rich in tradition. Some (like decorating a tree) date back hundreds of years; others (like wearing tasteless woolen jumpers) are much more recent! Although customs differ from country to country, they all have a strong connection to nature. In the UK, the robin, mistletoe and holly are all…