Sleeping black jaguar (panther like Bagheera from Jungle book). By Ewan Chesser |
Sleeping black jaguar (panther like Bagheera from Jungle book). By Ewan Chesser |

About the black panther.

The black panther is not a species itself. Most of the times we are talking about jaguars and leopards with a melanistic variant that makes them look black. This can also exist in other feline species, like the cougar.

The black color of its fur can be conferred by a dominant or a recessive gene, depending on the species. Regular leopards can not have black-colored cubs, only black-colored adults can. However, the regular jaguar can.

They are very solitary animals, that only meet during the mating season.

Black panthers are extremely difficult to see, not only because of their excellent camouflage in dark dense rainforest areas, but also because of deforestation and because of the unusual genetic factor associated with the color.

Black jaguars (unlike leopards) love the water. They like living in flooded forests and they can spend time in the water swimming recreationally.

They are nocturnal animals. They hunt during the night and rest during the day, very often lounging on tree branches.

In the Americas, black jaguars are the largest felines. This makes them dominant predators within their environments.

The melanism of panthers is the opposite of albinism, which involves the absence of melamine.

In many areas, panthers are referred to as “the ghost of the forest”, because of how stealthy they are when hunting. It is a fast and silent animal.

The Florida panther is actually a kind of cougar. It is one of 30 cougar subspecies and inhabits swamp areas of Florida. It is almost extinct, as their population is estimated to be 160 cats in the wild.

They have a strong jaw, which can even crush the skull of their prey.

They spend a lot of time cleaning themselves, especially after hunting and eating, in order to get rid of the smell of their prey.

Black panther walks through the jungle. By Anton_Ivanov |
Black panther walks through the jungle. By Anton_Ivanov |
Black PantherVulnerable
Panthera onca91-191 cm (36-75 in) + 58-110 cm (23-43 in) of tail.
Felidae28-96 kg (62-212 lb)
Carnivora12-15 years in the wild
Mammalia90-105 days
Unknown, as it is not a species, but several, with black fur.Black panthers are carnivores and their diet includes antelopes, wild boars and/or rabbits.
Mainly in humid and semi-humid areas, like rainforests, forests and open fields.Black panthers in Asia and Africa are leopards and black panthers in America are jaguars.

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