Beagle puppy dog. By Sigma_S |
Beagle puppy dog. By Sigma_S |

About Beagles.

This breed comes from the United Kingdom. They were bred to follow the trail of animals like rabbits and hare, and hunt them.

The origin of its name is uncertain, but there are two main options: a Celtic word meaning “small” or the French word “begueule” which means “open mouth”.

Even though it has existed for 2,000 years, the modern breed started developing in Great Britain in the 1830’s, when Harriers were crossed with old English hounds, becoming faster and more confident at hunting.

The tip of this breed’s tail is always white.

It is currently a very popular breed in the United States, where it was brought in the 1840´s and bred to hunt raccoons.

Beagles rarely bark, but during the hunt they make a distinct half bark-half howl to let the hunter know when a prey has been sighted or caught.

Their great sense of smell makes them one of the breeds most often used for the detection of illegal substances.

Due to their quiet, docile nature and their lack of congenital diseases, the beagle is one of the dog breeds most often used in animal testing.

The world’s most famous beagle is the character from the comic strip Snoopy.

They come in several colors, but the most common variety is tricolor: black, white and brown. It also has large floppy ears.

They have an insatiable appetite and they can eat a lot getting overweight if they don’t follow a balanced diet.

They are very friendly and get along well with other dogs, probably because they were raised as classic hunting pack dogs.

Beagle dog portrait. By Lenkadan |
Beagle dog portrait. By Lenkadan |
BeagleNot evaluated
Lupus canis familiaris33–41 cm (13-16 in)
Canidae9,1-11,3 kg (20-25 lbs)
Carnivora12-16 years
Mammalia58-62 days
This species is commonAs domestic animals, they are considered omnivores, but according to their origin and evolution, they should be carnivores.
It is a domestic animal.It is a pet, so it can be found wherever in the world men live.


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