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Zoo Portraits

Zoo portraits is a creative and educational project based on the animal kingdom and is divided into three main areas: Image, education and awareness.
Kodiak bear. By JKlingebiel | Shutterstock.com

Kodiak brown bear

Domestic goat kid. By montree hanlue | Shutterstock.com

Domestic goat kid

A family of Bengal tigers. By Julian W | Shutterstock.com

Bengal tiger

Cute baby emperor tamarin (Saguinus imperator). By Eric Gevaert | Shutterstock.com

Emperor tamarin

Spanish bull (Toro de lidia). By alberto clemares exposito | Shutterstock.com

Spanish bull

Chimpanzee with a curious expression. By Roop_Dey | Shutterstock.com

Common chimpanzee

Cute white chihuahua puppy looking straight into the camera. By Ysign | Shutterstock.com


The tasmanian devil is growling and snarling fiercely. By Susan Flashman | Shutterstock.com

Tasmanian devil

South American tapir (Tapirus terrestris), also known as the Brazilian tapir. By Vladimir Wrangel | Shutterstock.com

Lowland tapir

Australian wombat juvenile (Vombatus ursinus). By Robyn Butler | Shutterstock.com


Arctic sea otter playing in the water. By neelsky | Shutterstock.com

Sea otter

American bison. By Georgii Shipin | Shutterstock.com

American bison