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Zoo Portraits

Zoo portraits is a creative and educational project based on the animal kingdom and is divided into three main areas: Image, education and awareness.
Red squirrel close up (Sciurus vulgaris). By Piotr Krzeslak | Shutterstock.com

Red squirrel

A white-tailed deer buck in golden light. By Paul Tessier | Shutterstock.com

White-tailed deer

Close up of antilope bongo in forest in nature. By Tadeas Skuhra | Shutterstock.com


A Harbour seal looking straight into the camera while in the water offshore at a beach. By Pat Stornebrink | Shutterstock.com

Harbor seal

A female of the orangutan with a cub in a native habitat. Bornean orangutan (Pongo o pygmaeus wurmmbii) in the wild nature. Rainforest of Island Borneo. Indonesia. By Sergey Uryadnikov | Shutterstock.com

Bornean orangutan

Kinkajou, Potos flavus, tropical animal in the nature forest habitat. Mammal from Costa Rica. By Ondrej Prosicky | Shutterstock.com


Little owl peering out of a tree. By Andrew Swinbank | Shutterstock.com

Little owl

Fennec nox portrait. By nattanan726 | Shutterstock.com

Fennec fox

Ferrets playing on grass. By Pavel Hajer | Shutterstock.com


A veiled chameleon is walking on a tree branch. By Cathy Keifer | Shutterstock.com

Veiled chameleon

Lazy red panda in tree. By Hung Chung Chih | Shutterstock.com

Red panda