Zoo News

Dear Zoo Friends and passersby,

Welcome to a new section in our Zoo Portraits website. We are very excited to open this window to a whole new aspect of our favorite topic and the possibilities are endless.

For the love of animals! It was about time we did this.

We plan to offer our visitors weekly updates on news regarding the lovely fauna we share this planet with, as we feel there is an increasing interest on what goes on and how are our fellow living beings doing. Also, we would like to take the opportunity to share information about Zoo Portraits’ projects, happenings, production, whereabouts and dreams.

So, we hereby invite you to join us in what is a novel adventure of us, and hope we inspire you to share your thoughts, since that is the life and soul of taking part in a community. We are all passengers aboard planet Earth, let’s lend our voices and words to speak on behalf of the speechless.

Zoo Portraits Team