WWF – Rhinos

Among the most endangered species Of the three Asian rhino species, two – Javan rhinos and Sumatran rhinos – are critically endangered. After the extinction of Javan rhino in Viet Nam in 2010, only one small population of Javan rhinos remains, in Java, Indonesia, with fewer than 50 individuals. Successful conservation efforts have seen the third species, the greater one-horned (or Indian) rhino increase in number, leading to a reclassification from endangered to vulnerable. Even so, the species is still poached for its horn. Different subspecies of the two African rhino species are similarly faring differently. Once thought to be extinct, southern white rhinos have thrived in well-protected sanctuaries and are currently classified as near threatened, although there has been a surge in poaching in South Africa in recent years. In contrast, only 5 northern white rhinos survive – 3 on a conservancy in Kenya and 2 in zoos in the Czech Republic and the USA. Black rhinos have increased over the past decade or so, although total numbers are still a fraction of what they were 50 years ago and one subspecies is likely extinct. Black rhinos are also under increasing pressure from poachers.

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