Persevere and make the world a better place


There is a new animated motion picture by Disney at cinemas. “Zootropolis” tells the story of a cute bunny with a tough attitude. As usual, it is a film full of laughter, action, tender moments, and so on; and also, it follows the tendency shown by modern animation studios, to make films for the whole family to enjoy independently of their members may be.

Zootropolis is a big city where all kinds of mammals have managed to live together in peace, regardless whether they are predators or prey. Then, of course, there are big differences among them; their skills and other characteristics vary and these are circumstances that naturally condition their lifestyles.

It has many references to well-known films, television shows, gadgets and brands. It is likely people will want to watch it at least twice in order to catch details that may have gone unnoticed the first time. Shakira does the voice of one character and sings the main theme.


The moral of the story is about tolerance and prejudice, overcoming challenges, determination, and trust. It is a powerful message presented in a captivating way. Sometimes a person’s skills and dreams do not match, it means that person will have a hard time pursuing that dream, but perseverance will surely take him or her places unsuspected to everyone else.

As you may guess, at Zoo Portraits, we did not just happen to like the movie, our very own Yago Partal has been portraying Zootropolis’ citizens in the most realistic manner long before this story was even conceived!