May we always see white-tailed eagles soaring the skies

The white-tailed eagle, with a wingspan of 2 to 2.5 m (6.56 to 8.2 ft) a length of 90 cm (2.95 ft) and a weigh of 3.1 to 6.9 kg, is largest European eagle. As arkive points out, it is a monogamous bird and the couple will breed in the same territory year after year. Furthermore, successive generations will continue to procreate at their sites over a timespan which can stretch for many decades. Only one or two chicks hatch in a year and, together, both parents look after them.

Haliaeetus albicilla

This animal’s diet consists of fish, mammals, birds and carrion. During the early 20th century, white-tailed eagles went extinct due to illegal killing in the UK and many regions of western, central and southern Europe,  but fortunately it has been has been reintroduced and now its conservation status is of least concern.



Nonetheless, farmers had objections in the face of the reintroduction, because the eagles would take lambs, and some have taken action against the birds by poisoning and even shooting. But eaglets have been hatching and the species continues to thrive. Although, as the BBC warns, they may still be at risk. Caring people can never sit back and relax; conservation is a never ending struggle. However, there are reasons for optimism; in the words of seafariireland: Studies of DNA in White-tailed Sea Eagles from North-central Europe have shown that the recovering European population has retained appreciable amounts of genetic diversity, implying low risk of inbreeding depression.

Here is a short video of this majestic creature