Love and Trust

Dogs are really impressive animals.

Descendants of wolfs, their profound sense of familiarity, their mindset about the importance of the pack and its members, brothers and sisters, elders and the young, for survival has allowed them to develop a  sophisticated form of social cognition and communication, to interpret situations. Naturally, early human hunter-gatherers found in them a valuable ally. Even then and ever since, they have also had starring roles as protectors, herders, traction force, emergency services assistants and handicapped aid, to name some.

Warm-blooded, as they are, they feel for those around them. Dogs are family members primarily because they feel that way themselves. Such a bond as there is between humans and dogs emerges from reciprocity and, in time, it only becomes more profound and, sometimes, beyond mere companionship.


But sometimes… Well, every person, every being, has a story and every family, every group, is a combination of stories in Time. Sometimes, for particular reasons, those stories grow apart, and life must go on for every member. Sometimes, some abandon the dog, something especially sad because dogs are smart as a two year-old human; they may not understand the reasons that led to the situation but they do realize what is going on, what happened to them. They feel grief and fear just like anyone would.

All you need is love, as John Lennon sang, and it is true. Love is the cornerstone of life and sanity for beings such as humans and dogs. Just as the living stories, we are, sometimes need to regroup to find their way, dogs can also have a second chance of happiness, both to live it and to help provide it for a new group, a new family.


A dog is, so to speak, the classic pet, but there are many different kinds of pet and much of what has been said here applies to them as well.

This is way organizations such as Geneva SPCA launch campaigns as «A voice for a future», where we can hear the testimonies of people who chose to visit the shelter and adopt a pet. Because while these animals have a past, they also have a future.

Here is a very interesting video about «A voice for a future».

And also, Zoo Portraits would like to share this touching video By  La Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis.

Here are their websites, and, which are very nice and helpful but, most importantly, remember that there always is a shelter somewhere near you with many kinds of animals waiting for someone to love and trust.