International Otter Survival Fund

The International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) was inspired by observing otters in their natural habitat.

Because the otter lives, feeds and plays on land and in the water and is at the peak of the food chain it is an ambassador species to a first class environment. IOSF was set up to protect and help the 13 species of otter worldwide through a combination of compassion and science. We support projects to protect otters, which will also ensure that we have a healthy environment for all species, including our own.

IOSF works closely with other organisations to protect otters in the wild and in captivity. In particular we are concerned with the high level of wildlife crime involving otters and we are members and partners of Coalition Against Wildlife Trafficking (CAWT)Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW UK)Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime in Scotland (PAWS)Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Wildleaks.

We want to protect otters so that future generations to come can enjoy one of the world’s most charming, elusive and enjoyable mammals.

The IOSF aims to work with local communities throughout the world to educate, inform and encourage the protection and conservation of otters.

Through a programme of research, the IOSF will become the world’s foremost authority on otter behaviour, habitat, persecution and conservation.

We want people throughout the world to be as appalled by Otter persecution and hunting as we are towards Tiger and Rhino hunting. 

We would like to educate people to the benefits of Otters, what healthy populations mean for the environment and dispel myths that are causing Otters to be intentionally disturbed, persecuted and hunted.

IOSF is a global organisation working to conserve all 13 species of otter by helping to support scientists and other workers in practical conservation, education, research and rescue and rehabilitation.

Otters are special animals and we need special people to help.

Otter cubs cost about £1,000 to rear in terms of food, vet bills, etc. They stay with their mothers for 12-15 months so we have to release them at about the same age – if we release them too early they will not survive. This is why the food bills are so high.

We know times are hard for everyone, but if you can spare even a small amount to help the otters we will be very grateful. No amount is too small as it will buy a fish for an otter.

Money isn’t all we need as there are many other ways in which you can help.

If you would like to know more about our current projects please click here.