The Great Animal Orchestra


Listening to the epic sounds of the animal kingdom is a magical experience in itself, typically only heard if you travel through the natural habitats of these beautiful creatures. There’s something artistic about the way these creatures use sounds as both a way of communicating and creating music. Well thanks to Fondation Cartier pour l´art contemporain and famous American musician and bio acoustician, Bernie Krause, we can see and listen to just how magical the animal kingdom can really be.


From 2nd July, 2016, to 8th January, 2017, Fondation Cartier pour l´art contemporain will host the exhibition The Great Animal Orchestra, inspired by Bernie Krause’s work. Not only will you be able to listen to the orchestic sounds of a wide variety of species, but you will be able to see paintings, photographs and other artistic works that depict the wonderful animal world.

For over 40 years, Bernie Krause has collected more than 5,000 hours of sound recordings of the natural habitats of around 15,000 different animal species, both terrestrial and marine. Bernie Krause is a unique artist. He contemplates the world as a poet, he listens to animal vocalisations as a musician and he studies their recordings from the perspective of a scientist- all to bring us the wonderful experience of listening to these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat, before humanity shrouds them in silence, and hoping to help avoid just that.


The three room exhibition is home to many different artists´ interpretations of their relationship with the animal kingdom, with works coming from Asia, Africa, the Americas and even Europe. The ground floor exhibition is the main attraction of this exhibit, with paintings, drawings, photographs and even videos covering the walls of the orchestra designed room.

The big room downstairs is where you can listed to the magnificent vocalisations recorded by Bernie Krause, from different locations around the world. Finally, the third room provides visitors with an immersive experience, offering a visual and musical journey through the world underneath the ocean, accompanied by plankton, an astonishing lifeform.

Can’t miss it.